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May 10, 2016


This past Friday I stayed over at a friend's place in Silverlake, it was late and I was too lazy to cross town and deal with drunk drivers on my drive back to the 90210. The next day, I was scheduled to shoot and I was ready to cancel since I found myself all the way east and with no makeup or hair products on me and nothing to wear but the clothes from the day before. While my outfit of the night before wasn't 'walk of shame' material, it wasn't 'outfit of the day' material either. I could've easily driven 35 mins west and grab some clothes, fix my hair and put on some make-up, but instead, I decided to try a little adventure, since I rarely get past East of Fairfax. I don't know why I always think vintage when Silverlake comes to mind, so I decided to challenge myself to try to put together an improvised Outfit of the Day with vintage vibes on a $250 budget and document it all on my snapchat: misssalinas. Why $250? I'm not sure, it seemed a reasonable number. 


First stop was Rite Aid. In life, one's brows and lashes must be on fleek, particularly when there's photos involved. I got my usual Ardell Natural Strip Lashes and grabbed some Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and Maybelline Define Eyebrow Pencil to create the perfect brows and lashes. I also got Rimmell Bronzer for blush and color on my eyelids and lips. Finally, I bought a compact Conair Hair Styler and a round brush to tame my thick mane. Total spent: $50




I love designer clothes, but it was clear that the remaining budget of $200 wasn't gonna afford me even a button of a designer anything, so I decided to go to a vintage store called Cherry Pick, where they have some vintage designer pieces for a fraction of the price. I knew it was gonna be a challenge to put something together given the budget and sizes limitations, but after trying a number of pieces, I came up with the cutest perfect outfit perfectly fitting with all the East Side vibes. I got a Wren silk dress ($50), a classic Korean vintage trench coat ($90) and a red Chanel-like leather purse ($60) that I'm positive I'll be able to wear each of them separately in the future. Since I ran out of budget money, I wore the Dr. Martens boots I was wearing the day before to complete my outfit.



What I learned from this ordeal is that sometimes we are so caught up in our routines and bubbles that not only is super fun to be spontaneous and venture out to discover new places and re-visit old ones, but it's also possible to put together a super cute outfit on a tight budget and be blogger photoshoot approved in less than two hours. Not bad for an improvised Saturday afternoon. I hope you enjoyed my little adventure.



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